Damson Gin

Gin, flavoured with sweet and fruity damsons.


This year, while picking sloes, we were lucky enough to come across a really big damson tree! At first we thought we had just come across a bush with unusually large sloes, but we soon realised the leaves and branches were different, and that we must be picking something else. A quick search on the internet told us that we were indeed picking damsons, which are much more rare and exciting!



We filled a large carrier bag and spent a few hours at home looking up recipes. I read that damson gin is supposed to be even more delicious than sloe gin, so I decided we should probably make a few batches to enjoy at Christmas.


We are making a sloe and damson wine with the rest which is very exciting, but it won’t be ready for another year! So I’m glad I will have some damson gin to enjoy while I’m waiting.


Variations: You could add some winter spices to your gin, to give a more Christmasy feel – cinnamon and all spice berries would work well.

Ingredients: Makes around 900ml

  • 500g damsons
  • 200g sugar
  • 750ml gin


To Make:

Weight out 500g of damsons and wash. Then use a sharp knife to cut a small slash in the side of each damson and drop into a large >1.5L kilner jar.


Weigh out 200g of sugar and add to the damsons. Then pour over 750ml of gin.



Seal the jar and shake vigorously to start dissolving the sugar.


Store in a cool dark place and shake semi- regularly for 3 months.

Then strain out the damsons from the gin, and pour into sterilised glass bottles.  Store in a cool dark place.

Serve over ice and enjoy!