Cocao Nib Vodka

Vodka, infused with dark and bitter cocoa nibs.


This is another recipe from Wild Cocktails by Lottie Muir. When I first flicked through the book to look for ideas, this recipe really took my fancy, as I could imagine how the rich and chocolatey cocoa nibs would flavour the vodka.

This recipe is very, very simple, you just need to soak the cocoa nibs in vodka for a few days and then strain the vodka off. I reserved the cocoa nibs, and kept them in the fridge. I add a tsp into cocktails before shaking to add some extra chocolate flavour.

This is Β a bit strong to drink on its own, but when you add it to cocktails, it gives a really strong chocolate flavour.


Ingredients: Makes around 500ml

  • 500ml 40% vodka
  • 150g cocoa nibs



To Make:

Weigh out 150g cocoa nibs into a large kilner jar.



Top with 500ml 40% vodka and shake to mix.



Leave to a cool dark place for 2-3 days to infuse.

Strain to a wide mouthed pitcher, then use a funnel to pour into presentation bottles.

Store in a cool dark place.






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