Mocha & Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes, with a salted caramel centre, topped with a creamy coffee mascarpone buttercream swirl. DSC04507 I have been meaning to put up a cupcake recipe for a while, but I have been distracted by making full sized cakes and pies, but when thinking of ideas for a second recipe using my salted caramel sauce, I decided that it would be best used in some cute delicious cupcakes. I love the combination of sated caramel and chocolate, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. So I’ve also included a coffee buttercream, which adds an extra flavour dimension, to balance the sweetness of the chocolate and salted caramel.

These are probably the most attractive cupcakes I have ever made, I am really pleased with how good the icing looks, piped onto the cake in the lovely swirly pattern. Although I am calling them cupcakes, I have actually made them in muffin cases, because I think making them larger, allows them look more like the kind of temping cakes you see in coffee shops, much more professional! (And also because you get to eat more cake in one sitting!)

Because they look so beautiful, they would make fantastic celebration cakes! Why not make some for Mothers day?

Variations: The icing could be changed to caramel or chocolate if you are not a fan of coffee. Or some even more adventurous flavours could be used, like a coconut buttercream frosting! DSC04513 Ingredients: Makes 12 Large Cupcakes

The Chocolate Cupcakes:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 150g Butter
  • 150g Sugar
  • 120g Dark Chocolate, melted
  • 150g Self Raising Flour
  • 1tbsp Crème fraîche

The Filling:

  • 12 Tbsp Salted Caramel Sauce

The Mocha Buttercream:

  • 115g Mascarpone
  • 100g Butter
  • 400g Icing Sugar
  • 3-4tbsp Instant Coffee, dissolved in 2 tbsp hot water.

To Make:

The Chocolate Cupcakes:

Preheat the oven to 180°C and fill a cupcake tray with 12 muffin cases.

Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Crack in each egg and stir through, one at a time.

Pour in the melted chocolate and fold into the mixture.

Fold in the flour and crème fraîche.

Spoon the mixture into the muffin cases, until each case is 2/3 full.


Bake in the pre-heated oven for 12 minutes, until cooked through.

Leave to cool completely on a wire rack before filling and icing.

IMAG0173 Filling:

Cut a hole into the top of each cupcake, 3cm wide and 3-4 cm deep.

Fill the hole with 1 tbsp of the salted caramel sauce.

IMAG0174 Icing:

Whisk together all ingredients for the buttercream in a large bowl, until combined and the mixture turns glossy. (Taste the mixture at this point to see if it needs more coffee).

Spoon the buttercream into a piping bag with a star shaped nozzle. Pipe a swirl of buttercream onto the top of each cupcake and decorate with some chocolate sprinkles.


The cupcakes are now ready to serve! DSC04515

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